Conquer the kingdoms with a blend of luck and skill!

Face off against twelve opponents in this quickfire dice-rolling game. Get the highest score on 6 dice in three rolls - but watch out for the dragons...


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A fun, well made, and easy to pick up game. Well done! It'd be nice to know what's on the dice before starting. I don't recall seeing that. on every die is it 1 sword, 2 swords, 3 swords, shield, dragon and ?

Thanks! The tutorial pop-up does show you all six sides of the die, but it's probably not clear enough that's what it's doing. Each die is:

1 Shield, 2 x 1 Sword, 2  Swords, 3 Swords, Dragon 

So you have twice as much chance of rolling a single sword as you do any other result.