Ink Cipher v1.3.0

Ink Cipher v1.3 is out now, which brings major new changes and a large amount of extra content to the game.

Changes are as follows:


  • 77 new puzzles, bringing the total to 213
  • A few of the earlier puzzles have been tweaked and made later, with new puzzles taking earlier slots (1.2 save data reflects the move)
  • A few typos have been fixed in various puzzles
  • A few puzzles have been tweaked to make them easier
  • 5 grid themes to choose from (original, classic, neon, wooden, metal)


  • You can now play with a keyboard and/or a gamepad - a virtual cursor shows up when using an analogue stick, and in-game, a selector accompanies d-pad use
  • Letter tiles can be dragged directly onto a space in the grid to set it
  • Letter tiles and filled grid spaces can be right-clicked to clear them
  • Grid spaces will light up with a preview of the letter it will be set to if you are currently moving a tile
  • Clicking or pushing A on a grid space will bring a radial menu up where you can move the mouse over an option, or tilt the left stick to select, and release it to either set it to a letter or clear it
  • When you have a radial menu open, you can also hit a letter A-Z on the keyboard to directly fill it


  • More-complete main menu system
  • Options menu allows adjustment of music and SFX volumes individually, which tileset you want in-game, sensitivity of analogue sticks (for controls) and showing/hiding the timer
  • A more in-depth help screen with multiple pages and images
  • Level select screen now has a few extras such as a scrollbar you can click and drag to navigate the puzzle selection faster
  • Times are now not shown on the level select screen if set to "Hide"


  • Sound effects for picking up and placing tiles changed
  • Altered Level Solved screen now shows extra details, more options (retry level, play next level) and does not obscure finished puzzle
  • Fixed a couple of bugs with the early undocumented radial menu seen in 1.2.1

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